Bel could not remember his parents, just impressions or feelings. He could remember his brother though, well, his face anyhow but that was it. The small transport rocked as it entered atmo and shook Bel from his reverie. A beautiful twi’lek smiled at a passerby, waited and then twisted Bel’s ear.

“Listen you little pink whelp, you do exactly as we say or we’ll blast you out of the next airlock we come to. Got it?” The 10 year old Belsarius nodded, grabbed the large empty satchel, and readied to follow the pair of grifters and sometimes pirates.

“You ready baby?” The tall red Devaronian grinned his toothy smile and held up a pair of blasters. With a wink the twi’lek mewled with anticipation as she activated the power cell on her blaster rifle which gave off a low hum. Bel closed his eyes tight and followed them around the corner as the shouting began and a pair of blaster bolts fired followed by silence and haze of smoke.

  • * * * * *

“Hello dearie, would you like to play?” A beautiful Twi’lek smiled down at him. A four year old Bel playing with blocks looked up at her and shrugged. She knelt down and played with the blocks, both of them giggled. The red, black-horned Devaronian knocked the space dust off of one sleeve of his suit and smiled at the young social worker.

“Oh yes, we’ll make sure he grows up in a good home. We’re very well off, as you can see, and well it’s just not the same around the yacht.” He gestured at the space yacht parked in the nearby space port.

“Of course, your documentation checked out just fine. I’m sure he’ll be quite happy with the both of you. Congratulations!”

“Thank you, thank you. Oh yes, quite happy!” They both laughed.

  • * * * * *

“Well, happy birthday my boy!” Bel stared down at the starship parked next to the high-walled and secured building below.

“Uh, it’s a ship.”

“Yup, best birthday present we’ve gotten you yet!” The older Devaronian grinned and scratched at his shoulder where his second-hand cybernetic arm was joined.

“It’s not mine. It belongs to someone else.”

“Technicalities my boy, technicalities. It’ll be yours by morning. It’s even small enough to dock with the Sparrow.”

“Why do we always have to steal things? Can’t we just live like normal people?” The Devaronian’s jaw dropped as he looked at Bel in confused horror.

“Why-why would you do that?! The horrible things you say my boy, don’t let your mother hear you say that. Now, help my with the detonite and pass me the thermal detonator.” Bel sighed.

  • * * * * *

Bel looked at the Sparrow and at his small shuttle next to it. He looked back at the Sparrow and a quicker a smile.

“No no, this is MY ship. Yes, I flew it in-system earlier. My name is Belsarius Day, check your logs.” A pair of turbo lasers flared past the bow of the ship and rocked it.

“Hey, hey! C’mon now, that’s no way to treat a guest!” Bel’s hands flew buckling himself into the pilot chair and began flipping system toggles to prep for the calculation to light speed and double-up shields to the aft of the ship where no doubt the turbo lasers of the star port below were now trained. The comms crackled once again to life.

“My boy hehe, great joke. Now c’mon back, your mother and I are getting a little worried.” The voice continued and Bel ignored it, particularly once the cursing started.

Bel smiled.

Then promptly lost the ship in a game of Sabaac, five systems over. Well, you win some and you lose some. Bel smiled again as he walked onto the transport. He was free.


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