Cowboy Automaton Loaded with Explosive Bullets


C.A.L.E.B. units were experimental Empire droids created with the purpose of replacing expensive hiring of bounty hunters.


A manufacturing issue in the initial factory run left a yield of zero produced units and bankruptcy for the company Lone Star Galaxies. However, the creator of the units, Lucille Thomas, saved the last prototype from salvaging, enhanced it and sent it in a mission against the contractors that ruined her factory.

After settling that issue, Caleb asked Lucille permission to go his own way. She granted it, as long as she could still put one bounty a year for free with him, no questions asked.

Caleb has wandered the galaxy for decades without a memory wipe, slowly developing sub-routines in his code that keep asking him to look for inventors who can fulfill his one secret desire… a heart that can feel emotions.


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