Shaka was part of a nomadic tribe of Jawa scavengers, until her parents got so deep into debt with the Hutt crime ring that they “temporarily” sold Shaka and her younger brother, Hakchi, into slavery. The last time Shaka saw her parents, they told her they would get the money and retrieve their children within the next lunar cycle. That was 9 years ago. Shaka was 12 and Hakchi was 5. Shaka has no idea what happened to her brother and she’s always looking for him.

Shaka worked in droid repair/torture in the dungeons of Jabba’s palace, occasionally fanning him off with that giant leaf when Jabba’s previous fanner had displeased him in some way. There she befriended a Twi’lek dancer named Hulbe. Together they devised an escape plan, and after seven years as Jabba’s slaves, they finally managed to escape. Unfortunately Hulbe didn’t make it. With her dying breath, she told Hakchi to find her friend Javo Jann, a repairman in Mos Eisley. For the last two years, Shaka worked for Javo as a mechanic, until one day . . .

Shaka is good with a force pike, but prefers to talk her way out of trouble if she can, usually by suggesting one party said something about another party’s mother.


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