When Zree was young, a group of marauders violently murdered his family and left him for dead, with his face horribly slashed open. A recluse living in the wilds near his home found him, and sensing potential in him, took Zree in to train him in the ways of the force. Although Zree showed skill and promise, he could not tame his anger, and as he grew older, he wished to seek out those responsible for killing his family. His master tried to dissuade him and teach him how to control his emotions, but like most of his people, Zree was a hunter, and the lust for vengeance was in his blood.

Zree used his skills to find work as hired muscle on ships, seeking clues to the whereabouts of his family’s killers as he traveled. But as time went by, his frustration and anger only grew, and he became more like the marauders than he cared to admit. His anger reached a peak as he came closer than he had ever been to finding his prey, only to lose the perfect opportunity to confront them when his new crew mate let the marauders’ associates flee. But instead of blaming his comrade, Zree realized that he had almost killed the criminal who could tell him about his enemy before even discovering that they knew the marauders. Was anger all that Zree had left? Perhaps he should have listened to his master. He needed to control his anger and allow the force to guide him if he was to ever achieve his vengeance.


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